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Lockdown: Week 3

I’m a little late posting my retrospective of Week 3 in lockdown, but it’s been a challenge to find the energy or enthusiasm to write lately. With last weekend being Easter, we usually like to go to the beach or somewhere along the coast for the day, if the weather is going to be good…

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Lockdown: Week 2

I can’t decide if the days went in quickly or slowly this past week, but for now I’m still able to tell what day of the week it is, so there’s that. Even though I knew to expect a letter from the Prime Minister regarding the virus, it was still really odd when the letter…

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Lockdown: Week 1

It’s been just over a week since Boris Johnson announced via a television broadcast that the UK was to go into a planned “lockdown” (with further restrictions being introduced in Ireland – north and south – shortly thereafter). I’m now in my third week of self-isolation (I started on March 16th) and even though I…

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