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Book Review: The First Amendment

We’re back with another Stargate novel review and taking centre stage on this occasion is the third book by Ashley McConnell, The First Amendment. Blurb From the very beginning, the success of the Stargate project hinged on one vital factor – absolute secrecy. The world remains ignorant of the Goa’uld and the war being waged in…

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Book Review: The Price You Pay

The Price You Pay is the second companion book to the Stargate SG-1 series by Ashley McConnell. It was first published in July 1999 and the timeline for the story is approximately midway through season 1. Blurb “On this world, you pay for survival – with your life.” Eons ago, the evil forces of Apophis and his…

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Book Review: Stargate SG-1

In addition to the Goodreads challenge I’ve set myself this year (you can read more about it here and a progress report will be coming next week), I’ve also decided some of these books are going to include my vast Stargate novel collection. There are six tie-in novels for the movie, but I’m ignoring those for…

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