Lockdown: Week 2

I can’t decide if the days went in quickly or slowly this past week, but for now I’m still able to tell what day of the week it is, so there’s that.

Even though I knew to expect a letter from the Prime Minister regarding the virus, it was still really odd when the letter actually arrived in the post. I think every household has probably received the same letter now and I’m curious – are any of you keeping this kind of thing for the future?

The reason I ask is because I’ve started a journal – just highlights of my day, plus any important developments with regards to Covid-19 or the news in general. It might not be the most interesting of reads, and I know it’s a tad morbid, but this is a really sad, historical time we’re now in, and I just feel like it’s something I should be documenting; if not for myself, then for future generations.

For those of you who are keeping a diary or a snapshot of your lockdown, what are you doing? Are you writing in a journal, or using social media? Are you taking photographs or screenshots of the news, or writing about what is happening where you live?

Aside from the above, the past week wasn’t one of my most productive, but I’m trying not to feel guilty or feel like I should be doing more. As it’s been said, these are not normal times. So, whether we are being productive or otherwise, what matters is that we stay healthy and keep looking after ourselves – and keep looking out for each other – so we can get through this together.

did manage to achieve a few things throughout the week, but they were quite random. For example, I painted my nails (I always feel better when my nails are painted), but I used normal polish rather than gels… and didn’t that turn out to be an interesting decision all on its own! As the sun was shining at the time I decided to paint my nails outside, but having not used normal polish in a while I forgot how quickly it can dry, so I’d to work fast. I also had to contend with the nice Spring breeze that decided to swirl just as I lifted the nail brush. So, sections of my hair now have a nice lemon-yellow dip-dye going on.

The weather has been absolutely incredible these last few days so I’ve been spending quite a lot of time in the garden. Gardening isn’t exactly my forte, so it’s been mostly tidying for now before I move onto the next stage – trying to grow some flowers and/or veg. We’ll see how it goes, although I do have tulips starting to flower and they are pretty.

As I’ve no real work to do at the moment, and my studies aren’t due to start for another couple of weeks, I’ve signed up to be a book reviewer for an online author services company. I’m looking forward to discovering some really amazing indie authors.

Speaking of books, I also managed to finish a novel I was reading (finally!) and then I promptly decided to start another – only this time I thought I’d try something slightly different… 

Yes, that is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Gaeilge. 

Again, we’ll see how it goes but I’m already recognising more words than I expected and following the story quite nicely (even if certain phrases do get lost in translation).

Lastly, some good news to round out the second week of my lockdown: the writing anthology my poem is to feature in is back from the printers and on its way, so I’ll share some photos when I receive my copy. I’m very excited to see the collection! 

How has your lockdown week played out? I hope everyone is still keeping well.


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