Books Of The Month: March

Well, it looks like this latest round-up is going to be short and sweet because the number of books I managed to read throughout March was a big, fat zero.

Okay, so that’s unfair. I did start reading a few books – I just haven’t finished any of them yet (the reasons for this are probably pretty obvious), but because I needed to write something, here are the various titles I started last month…

Cilka’s Journey by Heather Morris

This is a follow-up to The Tattooist of Auschwitz which I read back in February and focuses on one of the secondary characters, Cilka. It’s a challenging read, but I’ve also come across interviews with relatives of Cecilia ‘Cilka’ Klein who have argued that the novel does not accurately represent her life or her story. As a result, and similar to the prequel, I’m left divided over whether I want to finish the book now.

Trial By Fire by Sabine C. Bauer

I’m back on the Stargate chariot (no surprise there, I hear you all say), but this is the first Fandemonium-published novel to tie-in with the series. I’m currently six chapters in and vaguely starting to remember the storyline but so far – bar one uber-annoying character – I’m quite enjoying the book. The characters have been portrayed relatively accurately up to this point, so I’ll see how the rest of the novel goes. 

She by HC Warner

This is another book with a heavy subject matter, so it’s maybe not the best choice of a read right now. It’s a thriller and I’ve been able to predict some of what has happened so far, yet I still found the plot drawing me in. I don’t want to say much else about She for now, in case I do spoil it for others, but all I will say is that the character of Bella is one I’ll probably remember for a while! 

So, that’s my lot for March. I do plan to finish reading these at some stage, but for now, I think I’ll stick to more light-hearted and funny content.

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